Our coaching programe

Training Structure

Musselburgh ASC benefits from a structured training program, used to get the very best from swimmers as they progress through the club. Swimmers are split into 3 distinct squads: Entry, Development and Club Squad. This three-squad structure helps coaches to implement the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, the principles of which are strongly endorsed by British Swimming. The LTAD model will be used to optimize coaching and to provide the best training environment for the development of individual swimmers.

Entry Squad (Session 1)

(LTAD level: FUNdamentals/SwimSkills)

This squad aims to introduce swimmers to club level swimming and to progress skills/technique, from ‘Learn to Swim’, across all 4 strokes. In addition, it will also be an aim to have fun and enthuse swimmers with the sport. Swimmers will also have the opportunity to try competitive swimming.

The main goal for swimmers in this squad will be to develop stroke technique and to achieve criteria for movement to the next lane.

Development Squad (Split across session 1 and 2)

(LTAD level: SwimSkills)

This squad aims to further improve technique across all 4 strokes. Furthermore, it aims for swimmers to enjoy the competitive side of swimming. Appropriate race skills will also be developed, and swimmers will be encouraged to compete.

The main goals for swimmers in this squad will be further development of stroke technique and improvement of race skills (turns, dives, finishes) to progress into Club Squad.

Club Squad (Session 2)

(LTAD level: SwimSkills/TrainToTrain)

This squad aims to refine good technique and skills across all 4 strokes. It will also begin to introduce the physical development associated with swimming (e.g. aerobic capacity, core strength). Therefore, swimmers in this squad need to be able to cope with an increased training load.

Training goals will be set for swimmers in this squad, and for swimmers who wish to compete; qualification for East District Age Groups will be the main competitive goal.