How much does it cost?

Our membership fees are there to secure pool time, insurance and other fixed costs of running the club.

Fee levels depend on which squad a swimmer is in, and so how much pool time they will participate in.

For Entry Squad swimmers, fees are £20 per month.

For Bronze Squad swimmers, fees are £30 per month.

For Silver and Gold Squad swimmers, fees are £40 per month.

We ask that fees are paid directly by monthly standing order.

There is usually a small entry fee for any competitions or galas.

SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association) Registration Fee

In addition all swimmers must be registered with SASA.

This fee is collected by MASC and passed on to Scottish Swimming when swimmers join the club.

The rates are as follows:

Mar-Aug 2018 100% of annual fee £43.00
Sep-Dec 2018 50% of annual fee £25.80
Jan-Feb 2019 25% of annual fee £10.75