How to Join

Just contact us if your child is interested is joining Musselburgh Marlins.

As we are a swimming club we ask potential new members to do a short trial in the pool during one of our training sessions at the Musselburgh Sports Centre. We would expect swimmers to have attained SwimSkills level 4 of the Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim Framework (or equivalent) taught in most swim centres.

Supervised by one of our coaches, your child will be asked to swim several lengths of the pool to demonstrate their ability in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Don’t worry if their strokes are not perfect, they just need to be able to demonstrate reasonable proficiency and show a willingness to learn.

The coach will also ask them to do some other small tasks like treading water for a period of time and diving from the side of the pool.

The trial usually lasts around 15 minutes or so and at the end we will let you know if your child is at a level they can join the club or if we recommend taking further swimming lessons.