Programme Management

Musselburgh ASC adheres to best-recognised practice inline within our sport with support from our National Sporting Bodies and experts in their fields. As part of Programme Management in SwiMark Plus, we ensured that the club is demonstrating this practice in all we do but especially in our governance, sustainability, finances and communications.


Governance is important for the club to run smoothly and keeping at the top of best practice. Musselburgh ASC has robust and up to date governance documents which are reviewed on an annual basis with the advice from Scottish Swimming and the relevant authorities. We have structured committee meetings that take place regularly, these all have a communicated agenda that has been sent around prior.

The most up to date governance documents can be found on the following link.


We believe that sustainability comes from the heart of the club. We have some unique structures in place to ensure Musselburgh ASC keeps progressing forward – this includes a sub-committee group based on Club Development and Strategies/Outcomes. These strategies and outcomes are discussed in our Monthly Management Committee meetings, Club forums and chair meetings.

Our development plan outlines the key strategic aims for the Club to support Scottish Swimming and East Lothian’s Aquatic Strategy. MASC also consider the requirements of Scottish Disability Sport, Lothian Disability Sport and Lothian Racers Disability Swimming Club providing a pathway for East of Scotland Disabled Swimmers.


We ensure that our club is financially sustainable – we ensure this happens at MASC by regular reviews of budgets along with an appointed fundraiser role to look at grant funding and sponsorship. The finance reviews are presented at our regular management committee. Our budget includes known factors and reasonable assumptions for unknown factors. We have an experienced finance team including Club Treasurer, dedicated Treasurer Support and Competition Treasurer. 


We have dedicated communication channels throughout the Club these include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We have a great relationship with the East Lothian Courier for our press articles. We have internal communication pathways as well through role-specific email addresses and TeamApp. We also have a designated Communication & Administration Secretary who is a point of contact for our members.